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Plant extract that promotes the recovery of the plant damaged by aerial pathogenic fungi. It acts quickly favoring the synthesis of defense metabolites returning to the physiological balance prior to the attack.

A “live” product with the best quality, health, production and balance.


TIGRE is able to mitigate the negative effects of pathogen attacks including its ability to regenerate degraded chlorophyll after the attack.
TIGRE also stimulates the synthesis of auxins and cytokinins along with brassinosteroids, steroid hormones that regulate growth and development in plants. Brasinosteroids regulate the processes of cell division, expansion and differentiation in young tissues of growing plants.


TIGRE is composed of extracts of Mediterranean plants, selected for their high content in terpenes.
Terpenes encompass a very large class of secondary plant metabolites. They have a toxic effect on plant pathogens and deterrent for herbivores.
In addition, due to its volatility it easily mists and attracts pollinator species.
Additionally, TIGRE is rich in eugenol and isoeugenol, which act as the plant’s natural defense mechanisms against pathogenic fungi.

Bottles of 1 or 5 Litres

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The effectiveness of TIGRE is achieved very quickly. Two days after its application reaches its full potential.

In addition, it promotes production of phytoalexins in the plant, involved in the defense against pathogens.

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