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Biological solution

NEMATENS is a complex of natural plant extracts to repel pathogenic microorganisms mainly nematodes.

Promotes microflora, activates the plant and prevents nematodes.


When NEMATENS is incorporated into the land through the irrigation system, the organic active ingredients contained in the product are released, promoting the development of the useful microflora of the soil, activating the plant and repelling pathogenic microorganisms that are fundamentally nematodes.


NEMATENS is a product in two phases. The solid part must be in contact water at the time the liquid phase is added. After vigorous stirring, the broth is distributed through the irrigation system.

Bottles of 1 or 5 Litres plus 0.5 or 2.5 kg of solid product


Successful stories

Results after application of Nematens

Effect of Nematens against a control treatment in 2 different varieties of tomato:
‘Marmande’ (M, sensible) y ‘Bengodi’ (B, tolerant)

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Nematens oil comes from the enzymatic hydrolysis of plant seeds, therefore, it is rich in the aminoacids most used in the biosynthesis process of plants, and also in the most appropriate proportions for this purpose.

Due to its nature and concentration, it is a suitable product to boost plants during periods of stress of any kind, or as an integrator in traditional fertilization.

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