Organic liquid fertilizers

Anti-deficiency foliar fertilizers

The FIT line consists of liquid fertilizers of plant origin with macro and microelements chelated with plant amino acids and gluconic acid, developed to solve the nutritional problems of plants.
For a balanced fertilization it is necessary that the macro and microelements to be present in the right quantities and proportions.
Microelements activate plant metabolism and reduce the sensitivity of plants to diseases and climatic and environmental adversities.

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FIT fertilizers derive from the enzymatic hydrolysis of protein substances of plant origin linked with the different metallic elements to be supplied to the crop by means of gluconic acid and amino acids of plant origin. They are not photodegradable, thus guaranteeing maximum efficiency in the contribution of the elements, without losses due to insolubilization.
FIT formulations guarantee rapid absorption at the leaf level


All FIT amino acids are levorotatory, unlike the products obtained by chemical synthesis, acid and / or alkaline hydrolysis, thus maintaining their maximum biological functionality. The presence of amino acids helps prevent and solve the different deficiency states and Improve the quality of production.
FIT liquid fertilizers, thanks to their exclusively plant origin (no waste of animal origin is used) do not contain antibiotic substances, heavy metals (chromium, lead, mercury, etc.), chlorides or other pollutants or dangerous agents by plants or for the human being.

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Efficient absorption

Mode of action of the FIT Line

The aminoacids contained in the FIT Line are rapidly absorbed through the leaf stomata and therefore reach the lymph. Its application allows the plant a significant saving of energy, since it is a product that penetrates the cell membranes of the plant and intervenes in the metabolic processes, managing to recover optimal conditions for development in the plant.

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