The support from TRICHODERMA for seed coating

COVENANT TRICHODERMA is an inoculum based on Trichoderma koningii that contains Rhizoglomus irregularulare and rhizosphere bacteria. It is formulated for the industrial liquid coating of seeds.

COVENANT TRICHODERMA is a biostimulant product designed to increase the resistance of crops against situations of abiotic stress thanks to the high concentration of Trichoderma koningii.
In addition, the presence of mycorrhizal fungi enhances the development of the root system and increases drought resistance.

A “living” product with the best quality, care, production and balance.


  • Promotes the development of the root system and resistance to drought.
  •  Increases the resistance of plants against situations of abiotic stress.
  •  Promotes the absorption of nutrients and increases the efficiency of fertilizers.
  •  Higher endogenous resistance of plants.
  •  Improves the fertility and vitality of the land.
  •  Safe for useful wildlife.
  •  Phytostimulant action.


Trichoderma koningii: 2 x 10⁹ CFU/g
Bacterias de la rizosfera (PGPR): 1 x 10⁷ CFU/g
Rhizoglomus irregulare 1 %

Packaging of 2 Kg plus 5 L of adhesive


Folleto Covenant


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Greater uniformity in plant growth

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Proprietary technology

The Trichoderma strain included in COVENANT TRICHODERMA was isolated by ATENS laboratories

Trichoderma presents a great production in all types of crops. CONDOR can grow in a wide range of temperatures and soil pH, making it a biological resource with a wide spectrum and great versatility. CONDOR is produced in a bioreactor by a solid state fermentation process, obtaining mature and stable spores, which ensures an effective colonization of the soil. The fermentation methodology of Trichoderma has been been developed and patented by the R&D team of ATENS.

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